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Pin to Plan

The pin to plan feature has been improved and upgraded with this release. Now you can add a pin to a drawing on the online version of iTWO cx. Not only that we now also support adding any form type as a pin to a drawing. The sections below will give you an overview of how to set up and add pins to drawings.


Configuration of the pin to plan feature is based on which plans or drawings you wish to add Pins to.

The two options available are

  • Allowing pins on any plan (on the publication space). 

This option will allow the user to add a pin to any plan on the publication space as long as they have access to it and to mark it up

  • Allow pins on any specific plans 

When this option is set you will need to add the plans you wish to use for adding pins. 

Click here to learn more about configuring this option

Select the required option by picking one from the drop down

Adding Pins

Once the configuration has been set you can add pins by opening a document and then clicking on the mark up option

Then select the Pin option in the toolbar

Then move the mouse to where you want to add the pin and click on the drawing to drop the pin

This will pop up the new form creating window.

The window will show you the most recently created 5 form types for quick access to create forms you most often do.

Otherwise, you can search for the form type you wish to create or select it from the menu

Once the form is saved, the pin will be shown as shown below. 

The little tag shows the form type code so you can quickly identify what type of form the pin is linked to.

You can click on the pin to view the form or hover over it to get a quick preview.

Issues tab changes

All pins added will be shown on the issues tab. By default, the pins will be shown grouped by their form type

Below is an overview of the information shown in the issues tab

The Status pill can be shown in red(open status), green (closed status)

Filter the issues tab

If you click on the ... icon at the top you can filter the issues tab in a number of different ways

  • By form - type by typing the form type name in the search box
  • Status - by ticking on the status tickbox

You can also group the issues tab in different ways

  • By Page number
  • Reviewer
  • Form type

Move pins

If you added a pin in the wrong position or you wish to adjust its location, you can do so by clicking on the move pins icon in the mark up toolbar

Reporting / Printing.

You can generate a report of the pins on the form by clicking on Print revisions

The new window that pops up will show you all the form types that have been added as pins to include in your report.

Select the ones that you require and click download

The report will include the pins and their reference number. 

The detailed report shows the comments as shown below

Hide the split button from Transmittals and Distribution Transmittals

A new setting has been added to support hiding the Split button from TX and DTX's.

This can be found on the Publication Space > Settings tab

Configure Quick Close

You can now configure a quick close button against a Closed status in the publication Space. Quick close buttons allow you to close a document with a single click.

The quick close option will then be shown on Transmittals and Distribution Transmittals. Quick close

Allow company codes to be configured in the Transmittal reference number

You can display the From-To company codes in TX and DTX references numbers by configuring them

The option can be found in Publication Space Settings > Transmittals

Then tick either From or To or both as required

Additional folder history logs

Folder history now records when a folder is moved

Retire a single revision 

From this release you will be able to retire a single revision from the revision history of a drawing.


Pin any form to a plan

With this release of the mobile application, we have extended the ability to add a pin to a plan by supporting adding any form type as a pin on a drawing.


For details of configuration and set up, click here. 

The configured plans on the online version of iTWO cx are what will be used on the mobile application as well.

Drawings Tab

We've also added a new tab to the home screen to allow you quick access to configured plans right from the home screen of the app. 

This screen has been divided into two parts;

  • Plans

This tab will display any specific plans you have configured under the plans configuration. 

  • Publication Space.

Will give you quick access to the publication space to find any drawings you with to add pins to.

Adding a pin

From Drawings tab

If specific plans have been added in the configuration, these plans will be shown in the Plans tab in the Drawings section.

To add a pin, open the drawing

Click on the mark up tools and select the pin icon

Then tap on the relevant location on the drawing to add the pin

This will pop up a screen that shows you the most recently created form types

You can also search for the form type you wish to add as a pin

Select the form type you wish to add as a pin and submit that form.

View a pinned form

To view a pinned form simply tab on the pin that you wish to view.

Each pin displays the form type code to give you an indicator as to what type of form it is. Eg DEF (for Defect).

Filter pins

You can filter the pins shown on the drawing preview by clicking on the Filter icon

Filtering options available are

  • By status
  • And form type

Move Pins

You can also reposition already added pins by selecting the move option from the mark up tools

Which shows you the pins in their movable state. From here you can drag and drop the pins to the location you require.

Click save to save your changes

QR code support


Click here to learn about configuring and printing QR codes

Using QR codes on Mobile

QR codes on mobile can be used to create forms with data linked to the QR code you have scanned. You can also use QR codes to load a list of forms that are filtered to the data on the QR code you've scanned.

To scan a QR code click on the scan QR code icon to load your camera

Then scan the QR code 

Once the code has been scanned it will display the information associated with that QR code, such as

  • The form type and
  • the user field information

As a QR code is linked to an user field option, you can;

  • Create a new form - a form type that is linked to the QR
  • Load a list of forms - for the User field option you scanned.

Single Sign-on (SSO support)

With this release, you can use your company account to log in to iTWO cx.

To do this, on the login page of the app, click on the Login with company account button.

This will redirect you to the Microsoft login page. From here follow the prompts to enter your company login details. 

Custom file names for attachments

Now you can give your own custom name to photos or attachments taken on the iTWO cx app. 

  • When you take a photo using the app, it will automatically prompt you with a dialogue box to enter a custom file name.
  • Once done, click save

Support for marking up in landscape mode

You can now mark up drawings in landscape mode.

Search text fields in the Publication Space

Searching in the Publication Space has been enhanced to include searching on text fields

Support for locked after first set/submit for GPS fields.

Coordinate/GPS user fields will now support the locked after first set/submit option.

This will mean the data in the GPS field will not be editable manually online or on the mobile app.


Display email when importing users.

When you are importing users from the company details page, the details for the users will now include, the users name, email address, whether they exist on the current project or not and their account status

Hide Split button

Added a new form type config option under Split to "Hide Split button". When ticked the split button will be hidden from this form types toolbar

Form type admins can set this option.

Additional history logging when a user account is edited

With this release, these additional actions will be logged under the user's history. 

  • Who created the user
  • Which email  the user was sent an activation email to
  • Changes to notification settings
  • Password reset emails, record the address is was sent to and delivery failures
  • Changes to or Creation of user linking
  • Changes to the email address or other user details
  • When creating a user and sending an account activation email, record the address is was sent to and delivery failures\
  • Any changes to the other options area under the user account Options section

Support copying a Correspondence Workflow.

On the workflow list page, you can now use the Copy option to duplicate an existing workflow.

This should create a brand new workflow with all the details from the original one copied over to the new one.

Added Select all option for thumbnail view of attachments

A select all tickbox has been added to the thumbnail view to support select all the attachments for ease of downloading them.

A tickbox and a download button also appears when you hover over a single attachment to support ticking that 

Create and Add another user 

When adding a new user to a company, you can optionally continue to add more users by ticking the Create Another tickbox

If you are adding a user to multiple companies, the option will appear once the user has been added.

Supporting Single Sign-on login from the home page

You can now login using your company account for single sign on from our home page

Better auditability for document list and attachment list user fields on a table

We've improved the history logging for these 2 user field types by recording the user field name and the row for which a change was made.

For eg a related document was added or a related attachment was removed

Create QR Codes

We've add a new Print QR Code button for all user fields with options (Casc, Select, Radio, Checkbox)

It allows the user to pick which options to create a QR code for. 

You can print 1, 10 or 30 QR codes per page

A sample of what each QR code looks like is provided below.

It shows the

  • UF description,
  • Proj Name,
  • Doc type name and
  • UF name

Learn about how to use QR Codes here

Company User Admin Tool

With this release comes a new admin tool to manage your companies users.

You can find this tool under your company details page.

The tool gives you an overview of the users in your company and displays 

1. The number of projects the user is currently on and what those projects are

2. Whether they are an admin on any of those projects and what that admin group is.

The tool also allows you to 

1. Retire users across projects

2. Reset the password for users


Export Questions and Answers thread to Package report.

All tenders packages can now export the questions and answers thread by clicking on the package PDF button on the progress tab of a package.

The Q&A threads will be added to the package PDF.

Quick close for tender questions (clarifications)

You can now configure a quick close button for tender clarifications so they can be closed in one click. 

To configure a quick close button you need to be a document type admin

Ability to save package changes

Previously when the details of a package were changed, you were forced to notify the bidders. This was not required in some scenarios. We've not added a save changes button on the package details tab.

This will allow you to change the package details and save it, without notifying the bidders

You are still required to provide a reason for your changes for auditability purposes.

Return to current page when a package is closed

When a package you are viewing is closed, with this release, the tender dashboard will remain on the page you were on.

Closed tender packages to display closed date

Previously, a tender package that was closed would display the closing date column in negative days. This has been changed to display the date the package was actually closed.

Package logs improved to show locked box availability

The package history has been improved to display the date and time when bids for a locked box tender package becomes available.

Contracts Administration

Export Salaries and Wages to excel

You can now export the salaries and wages on a control sheet to excel.

Linked Budget Line option

Added a new configuration option for Variations: Show Linked Budget Line Column.

If checked, the variation will display an extra column to a variation which allows headings / rows to select a budget line item from a drop down.

Then when using the allocate to budget utility, it will default based on these selected lines.

  • Column only showss for CA Project Admins and / or users from the Authors company.
  • Variation Lines can only be linked to lines from one other budget.
  • You can link at either the heading row and / or the child row levels.
  • Linking at the heading row will include all child rows not linked to a row themselves.
  • Once variation is approved, it will pre-populate the allocate HCV by percentage utility

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