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You can search on a table or the list control that is added to a form.

How to Search on a List

1. Go to Global search.

2. Select form type that has a list or table control.  You can pick more than one form.

3. Once selected, go to the Table View selection criteria.

4. This lists all the columns that you have access to on the table.  If you have selected more than one form with a list table both will be displayed.

5. Select the columns you want to view in the search results and click Search.

6. The results will be displayed as a table with the columns you have selected.

How to Search for Rows with a Particular Value

If you need to filter the results further you can search on any of the columns using the Special Fields Criteria.

This will return results where the criteria matches a value in a row within the table. 

Results will return documents but show only the rows that match the criteria.

For example, Search for ITP Method = Lab Testing in the above example.

To do a search in the Special Fields, select the criteria required. 

Export Results to Excel

You can export these results to excel by clicking on the Excel button.

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