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Setting up your Tender Project

1. Upload your Tender Documents into the Register.

2. Click on Tenders.

3. The set up tender project wizard will display.

This will guide you through the essential steps of setting up the defaults for this Tender Project such as selecting your Tender database, writing a project description, Package lengths and more.

Select Database

The first step is to select the Tender database. The Tender database contains all the contact details of the companies you select for Tenders and the types of packages or trades they are associated with.  If your company doesn't have a Tender database you will be prompted to create one.

Creating a Tender database

1. Click Create New database.

2. Give your database a name e.g. "National database”.

3. Download the Database spreadsheet template.

4. Read the Create your Tender databasetopic for how to fill out the template.

5. Save the completed spreadsheet, then click Select Files in the Upload section and choose the saved spreadsheet.

6. Error in Excel
If there is an error in your excel file for example you left a required field blank, the system will alert you with the line that has the error you then go back and edit the spreadsheet and select the file again. 

7. Matching Trades
You're almost ready to import. The next step is to match any trade descriptions the system doesn’t recognise to our global list of trades. Simply select the nearest match from the list, what you select won’t affect the trades you use to tender; you’ll still be using your Trade descriptions.

8. Import
Once the matching is done click next to begin the import. This system will now create the database in the background and begin importing the data. You, along with any other Tender Module administrators, will be sent an email to tell you when the import has finished and your Tender database is ready to use.

9. You will then be re-directed back to the select Tender database step and your newly created Database will be selected for you. Simply click next to proceed.

Enter the Project Details

The next step in setting up your Tendering Project is adding the Project details. This allows you to set defaults for Tender Package information so you don’t have to re-enter it every time you create a new package. The Information available is Project Location (Required), Project Description, Main Contact, Default Package length (in Days) and the Awarded Company role (Required).

Project Details

Used for

Project name

This is the name of the Project.

Main Contact

Person responsible for the Tender packages. All Tender activity will be addressed to this person. This can be changed when the package is being created or after it has been issued.

Default Tender Length

Sets the due date of a package based on the number of days entered. For example, if default Tender length was set at 60 days and you create a package on June 1 the close date of the package will be set 60 days from that date, August 1.


This is location of the Project.

Awarded Company role

When a bidder is awarded a package you can choose to add them into the Project. This setting will choose the project role the will have when added to the project, e.g. Sub-Contractor.


This will set the project description for all packages. This will be appended to the Package Description/Invite when a package is issued. You can remove this when creating a package if desired.

Who can upload Attachment

This setting controlswho can use the desktop upload functionality. You may wish to restrict this if you want your staff to only use the Register for attaching Tender Document.

Ask bidder for lump sum

This setting allows you to add a step in the Submit bid process where a bidder is required to enter a Lump Sum value as part of the submission process.

Enforce Close Date

This setting will lock subbies out of the Bidders page once it has reached its close date.

Locked Box Tender

This setting prevents anyone from seeing the bids until it has reached its due date.

Once you have entered the information you can complete the set up process by clicking next step.

Start Tendering

Your Project is now set up and ready to go. Take a tour of the system or dive right in and create a package, alternatively click close and be taken straight to the Tender dashboard.

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