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When you have been added as a collaborator on an iTWOcx form you will receive various notification when there is activity on this form. Each notification also acts as a link to the form in iTWOcx. By clicking on the notification you will open the form related to that notification.

The types of events that trigger notifications are as follows:

 A form that you have created has been viewed.

 You have been added to a form as an action or info collaborator.

 Someone responds to a form where you are an action or info collaborator.

 A form you created is closed.

 A form you created is overdue.

 A form where you are the action collaborator is overdue.

You and your project administrator are both able to adjust your settings which will control which of the above events that you receive notifications for.

To adjust your notification settings refer to How to control when you receive ToDo List Notifications.

There are two categories of notifications:

 Internal Notifications - ToDo List in iTWOcx.

 External Notifications - Email Notifications.

ToDo List Notifications


Each notification has a status icon.

 indicates a form was sent to you for Action. 

 indicates a form was sent to you for Information purposes only.

 indicates the item is overdue. Overdue notifications are also coloured red.

If a notification is in bold font, this means that you have not clicked on it yet.

Once you have finished with the notification, just click on the icon and it will change into a. The next time the screen is refreshed it will disappear.

Move the cursor over a specific notification, a list of icons will appear.

Click  allows you to pin that notification always in your Hotlist.

Click  allows you to split from this form to a new form.

Click  to make a response.

Click  to turn on/off the notification.

Click  to print.

Email Notifications 

At the same time as you are being sent notifications in iTWOcx, you will also receive email notifications depending on the settings that have been selected. There are two types of email notifications:


This provides a link to the relevant form in iTWOcx. If you are not logged into iTWOcx you will be prompted to login and then the form will be displayed. If you are logged into iTWOcx, it will automatically open the relevant form on a new tab in your web browser.

Preview Email

Choosing to receive preview emails will mean that instead of being sent a link you will receive an email which shows you the entire form. This removes the need to log into iTWOcx to respond or download an attachment.

Click on the Respond button to reply.

You can download any attached files and click on links.

These links will remain active for 60 days. After this you will need to contact your project administrator and ask them to send you another preview email on the form in question.

To select whether you receive Email or Preview Email Notification refer to the How to change Email and Preview Email Notification settings.

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