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Another awesome feature of saved searches is the ability to schedule them to run automatically and distribute the results to yourself or colleagues. This is great for weekly or monthly reporting - set up the search, then set up the schedule, let it run and have the results delivered to you. 

To Schedule a search

1. Expand the saved search.

2. Click Edit.

3. Click the schedule tab.

4. Tick Enable.

5. Fill out the frequency and time.

6. Choose who you want to distribute the search to.

7. Choose what form type you want to use as the delivery mechanism. Normally its a General Correspondence but you may have a specific report form on you project.

8. Choose to how the results are included on the form. 

    a. Body of the form. the search results are embedded in the Form. Best if you only have a few columns in the search layout.

    b. As an excel attachment to the form. Great for large search layouts.

9. Click Save.

Report on documents created by a Saved Search

You are able to see the execution history of saved searches that run on a schedule.

Navigate to the Schedule tab of a saved search

Click on Schedule History

This report will display a list of all the times this schedule ran and record all forms that were created as part of running the schedule. 

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