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The package history has been improved to display the date and time when bids for a locked box tender package becomes available.


Contracts Administration

Export Salaries and Wages to excel

You can now export the salaries and wages on a control sheet to excel.

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Linked Budget Line option

Added a new configuration option for Variations: Show Linked Budget Line Column.

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If checked, the variation will display an extra column to a variation which allows headings / rows to select a budget line item from a drop down.

Then when using the allocate to budget utility, it will default based on these selected lines.

  • Column only showss for CA Project Admins and / or users from the Authors company.
  • Variation Lines can only be linked to lines from one other budget.
  • You can link at either the heading row and / or the child row levels.
  • Linking at the heading row will include all child rows not linked to a row themselves.
  • Once variation is approved, it will pre-populate the allocate HCV by percentage utility

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