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Project Administrator

Project administrators are in charge of running of iTWOcx site can make changes that affect the entire project. This includes changes to configuration of correspondence, the document register, additional modules, adding new companies and new users, applying security rules like who can talk to whom and using project utilities. By default Project Admins belong to all other admin groups such as Module and Company.

To find out more see Project Administrator Resources

Module Administrators

These are special admins responsible for configuration of core and additional modules such as Document Register and Contracts Administration. Module admins are best used when you want to give a user Project Admin like rights but for a specific module instead of the whole project.

Company Administrator

The company administrator can add and retire users for their company and edit user and Company details.

Normal User

A normal user can log into iTWOcx and create, view and respond to correspondence, upload and search the document register and create saved searches.

External User

An external user can receive items addressed to them via email  but cannot log into the system. Nor can they reply to any forms via email.

External users are good for project participants that you want to have limited interaction with  system but still want to keep informed. These users are not registered with an iTWO cx account

Restricted User

A restricted user differs from an external user in that these types of users are added to the iTWO cx project contact list. They will have a user ID that you can address on forms and drawings.

However, these users will also not be able to login to the system and can only receive the Forms via email notifications.

They will also be able to reply to these emails by replying to the emails or respond to the forms directly via the button on the email notification.