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Efficient tender management from start to finish


For Estimators

Learn about responding to Tenders, asking questions and submitting bids.

Set up Tenders (Admins Only)

Learn how to set up Tenders for your project

Create a Tender Package

Easily create and issue a tender package with the minimum of fuss.

Invitation to Tender

Easily create and issue a tender package with the minimum of fuss.

Updating a Tender package

Sometimes you will be required to update package information such as extending the close date, changing the main contact. 

Issuing Addenda

Adding or updating the tender documents is a simple and quick process.

Answering Bidder Questions

Responding to bidder queries is super easy with Tenders Q&A. 

Accept a Bid Submission

When you are gathering prices for your own submission, instead of awarding a package, you will use accept package.

Awarding a Tender Package

When you have completed all necessary clarifications and are satisfied with a bid, then award this package to the successful bidder. 

Respond to a Tender invitation

You've received a Tender Invite, what now?

Contained within your invite are details about the tender package and a link to your own private bidder page. 

Downloading Tender Documents

Find out how to download the documents to a package you've received.

Submitting a Bid

Learn about how you can submit a bid for your package with iTWOcx.

Locked Box Tendering

iTWOcx Tenders supports Closed Box Tendering. 

Dealing with Externally received bids

Received a bid outside of the iTWOcx System? No problem. Here is how you add it into iTWOcx Tenders to keep all bids in one place.

Bulk Action Tools

Create, edit, update or Issue Addenda in bulk on all your package

Tenders Training Video 

Issuing a Confidentiality Agreement

Learn about how to set up a Confidentiality Agreement

Issue a Package

Learn about how to send out a package with a Defined Returnable Schedule

Bid Evaluation and Assessment

Learn about how to use the Bid Evaluation Report on a Package

Weekly Tenders Webinar

Topics covered

Creating and Issuing a Package

Issuing Addenda

Answering Bidders Questions

Accepting and Awarding Bids

Reviewing what the Tenderer’s see and do


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