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Searching your iTWO cx Project Database

iTWO cx has a powerful search functionality which is enhanced by the ability to save searches for later use.

You can do the following with Saved Seaches:

  • Give everyone in your company access to the search or restrict to named contacts.
  • Have search results issued to project contacts according to your preferred schedule.
  • View and export the search results in Excel.
  • Layout search results in a report format.
  • Display the search results in a inline editable report format.

Global Searches

Modify the Layout of Saved Search Results

Unlock the potential to modify the way the search results are displayed.

Save an In-Line Editable Search

Allows you to edit the form data in the search results without having to open the form.

Saved Searches

Learn how to save searches so you can access relevant information with a click of the mouse. 

Schedule a Saved Search

Automatically send out search results periodically.

Search for a Form

Search for a particular form type.

Search on a List (Table)

Search for data in a list table on a form.

Search Operators

Finding things in iTWO cx is easy. Below is are some useful operators and functions for keyword searching to know to get the best out of your search results.

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