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iTWOcx's powerful search functionality is enhanced by the ability to save searches for later use. You can do the following with Saved Seaches:

Give everyone in your company access to the search or restrict to named contacts.

Have search results issued to project contacts according to your preferred schedule.

View and export the search results in Excel.

Layout search results in a report format.

Display the search results in a inline editable report format.

To Save a search

1. After adding criteria and returning results.

2. Click Save.

3. Give the Saved search a name. Normally something descriptive eg "RFI's due this week".

4. (Optional) Give the search a description.

5. (Optional) Select where in the menu you like the search to be stored. By default it will be stored under Correspondence.

6. Choose who can run this search by picking a project contact.

7. Choose who is allowed to edit the criteria of the saved search by picking a project contact.

8. Click Create.

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