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Secure, scalable and reliable management of project files

Upload Documents to iTWO cx

Upload documents easily with iTWO cx Publication Space.

Distribute Documents

Upload documents easily with iTWO cx Publication Space.

Workflows and Online Mark Up

Apply workflows and mark up documents online.

Compare Document Revisions

Want to see what has changed since the previous revision?

Create Placeholders

Hold a place for documents that have  not been uploaded yet.

Download Documents

Download one or multiple documents and/or folders.

Edit and Move Documents

Move folders or documents and edit from the details pane.

Generate a Link to a Document

Generate a link to a document, a document revision or a page in a document.

Pin to Plan in the Publication Space

Pin any form in iTWO cx to plan.

Print Documents

There are two ways to print documents.

QR Codes to View Documents

Access documents with QR codes.

Retire or Restore Documents

If you are an owner of a document you can retire and restore them.

Search the Publication Space

Searching is also a great reporting tool.   Searching and then saving or exporting is great for reporting purposes. 

Select Multiple Files or Folders

Drag and select multiple files. 

The Basket in Publication Space

Learn here what the Basket is and what it does. 


Where are my transmittals. 

Version Sets

A version set is a collection of revision controlled documents at a point in time of a Project. 

View Documents

How to view single or multiple files as well as filtering. 

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