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iTWOcx is pre-configured to be useful for a standard project, however, each project is different and most benefit from some level of configuration. 

If you are setting up a new project, then the following can be a useful checklist to ensure you have considered all the configuration options.

Set up Phase Only

Please note the settings below can only be changed when the Project is still in Setup Phase.

Understanding Project Setup Phase and Live Phase restrictions

Ensure your Project Details are correct

Set up Project Roles

Set up Module Administrators

Set up Form Type Administrators

Set up what roles can communicate with each other on your Project (Who to whom Matrix)

Check your Form fields are correct

Your Project is ready

Advanced Configurations

Check your Form reference numbering sequence is correct

Configure Transmittal Statuses

Configure Register Views

Importing a placeholders to your project

Configuring a Form Type

Edit the Settings Form Type

Edit the Statuses of a Form Type

Adding, Editing & Managing Form User Fields

Setting up Document Review Workflows

Configure a Form Approval Process

Lite Projects

How to create a new Lite Project

Restricting who can upload to a Lite Project

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