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Getting Started

Find out the basics, where to download the app, and how to get get started on iTWO cx Mobile

Hotlist and Notifications

Learn about accessing your Hotlist and checking your Notifications using the app.

Forms on the Mobile App

You can view, create and respond to Correspondence Form on the go.


Learn about creating short cuts for quick access to your Forms.

Maps (GPS)

iTWO cx Mobile App allows you to capture GPS information for the Forms.

Pin to Plan

Learn how to pin a form or associate forms to a pin on a plan.

List View on Mobile

Learn how to view the list on the app.

Managing Data Conflicts

Deal with data conflicts between iTWO cx and the Mobile App.

Opening Links on Email Notifications

How to open links from an iTWO cx email notification.

QR Codes on Mobile

Create forms, load a list of forms or open/view drawings with QR codes.

Searching in Mobile

Learn about how to quickly filter Correspondence Forms on the go.

Status and Select Action Buttons

See how forms with action buttons show as clickable buttons on the Mobile.

Working Offline

iTWO cx Mobile works even where there is no internet. Learn about everything you can do while offline.

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