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From June 2019, with the release of the Cordinate User Field, the iTWOcx Mobile app will be able to capture GPS information when creating a Form.

Configure Coordinate User Field

Go here to learn about how to Configure this User Field.

Creating a Form on Mobile to Capture GPS Information

When a form with a Coordinate User Field is created on the App, it will Automatically capture the GPS Information. You do not need to do anything manually. 

When this feature is in use you will need to allow the iTWOcx App to use Location Services on your Phone (the app will prompt you for this the first time you use it).

1. Click Create New.

2. The form will Automatically capture the GPS information on the Coordinate User Field.

Toggle the Form list to a Map view

1. On the Form list view click on the Pin icon.

2. This will swap the view to a Map view.

3. With All forms logged with GPS information shown on the Map as pins.

4. You can tap on a pin to view the form.

Grid View

1. Once you are on the Map view, you can click on Grid view.

2. This groups all the forms using the Locations they were captured on.

Search on Locations

1. You can search on locations by going to the filter page.

2. Selecting the Coordinate user field.

3. Then selecting a location group and clicking search.

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