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The Hotlist is where you can quickly access any form. These fall into the following categories:

 ACTION ITEMS - Any open form waiting on you for action.

 MY DOCS - Any open form you have created that is waiting on somebody else to take action.

 PINNED - Any form which you have elected to monitor regardless of whether you created it or whether it is waiting on you to take action.

 COMPANY DOCS - Any open form where someone from your company has been added as an info or action collaborator.

 COMPANY ACTION ITEMS - Any open form which is waiting on somebody from your company to take action.



1) To move between the different selections just click on the heading.

2) To locate and open the form click on the icon. This will provide you a list of the forms falling into this category.

3) Click here to open the form on your Hotlist.

Changing the status to closed and/or re addressing the form to another action person will remove the form from your ACTION ITEM Hotlist and place it on the new action collaborators ACTION ITEM Hotlist.

You will still be able to access this form on your COMPANY DOCS Hotlist.

Pinning a Form to your Hotlist

If there is an important form that you wish to monitor and have it available regardless of it's status, who created it and/or who is the action collaborator you can pin it to your Hotlist. It will then stay on your PINNED Hotlist until you decide to remove it. 

1) If you hover over the Hotlist that you wish to pin, you will see a pin icon  appear. By clicking on the pin icon you will add this form to your PINNED Hotlist.

2) After clicking on the pin icon it will change from  to  indicating that you have now added it to your PINNED Hotlist.

3) To remove it from your PINNED Hotlist, just click the pin icon again.

Notifications can also be added to the PINNED Hotlist in the same manner.

For more information on Notifications refer to What are iTWOcx Notifications?.

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