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Effective communication and management across every project

Communication Overview

A quick intro into how iTWOcx manages your project correspondence using Forms

Creating Forms in iTWOcx

Learn about creating Forms in iTWOcx, addressing them and managing your project communication

Respond to iTWOcx Forms

How to respond to an iTWOcx Form

Splitting iTWOcx Forms

Learn about creating a traceable, secure communication to other Forms from an original conversation

Linking Forms and Documents

Learn about linking your Forms to other relevant communication on your Pr Project for complete auditability

Distribution Rules

Streamline project communication with Distribution rules and Lists

Bulk Importing Correspondence Documents

Import Correspondence Documents in Bulk using excel

Project Adminstrator Tools

Learn about how you can self manage iTWOcx forms to meet your projects communication requirements

Status Log Report

Learn about how you can find the Form register in the toolbar

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