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Any iTWOcx Form or controlled document can have additional fields that allow you to capture and categorise information.

For example,  

  • Add a checkbox to a Site Instruction form to specify if the issue has cost implications
  • Add a single select field to a budget to categorise which department it belongs to
  • Add a cascading select field to all forms for the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) so that you can report on issues in different elements of the project


User Field Types

Text boxSimple text box.
Single SelectDrop down list of options.
Cascading SelectMulti level list that allows you to configure complex structures in a list, eg. Building A/ Level 2 / Apartment 15
DateAdds a Calendar date to the form eg. Milestone 1 - 15-APR-2019


Adds a set of radio options where user can only select one eg. Cost Impact Y / N
CheckboxAdds a set of check-boxes where user can more than one option
ContactContact picker that allows you to select other project participants. Good for assignment of responsibility
AttachmentThis is an additional attachment field on the form. Good for inline attachment of specific files
FormAdvanced field that that creates specific forms and links to the parent form. Good for controlling processes.
NumberLike the text box but only allows Numbers
CurrencyLike the Number field but adds currency formatting
Attachment ListA special user field type that lets you upload attachements and files to
Document ListA special user field type that can be used to link other iTWOcx Forms as well as supporting the creation of other iTWOcx forms
Budget LinkA special user field that allows you to link to a Budget and a line item within that budget which returns the approved Budget amount of that line item
Bidder Contact ListA special user field that allows you to connect to the Tender Database on your project to fill out a form with bidder details directly from the Tender Database
CordinateA special user field that can be used on any form to capture GPS information. Currently this user field only works with the iTWOcx Mobile App. 

You must be a Project Admin to configure user fields

Adding a User Field

  1. Go to Configure then Form Types
  2. Select the Form type
  3. In the User Field section click Edit
  4. Click Add New
  5. Add a Code and Name for the Field. (the code is used in graphs so an abbreviation is good)
  6. Select the Type of User field
  7. Click Submit

Configuring User Field Options

This only applies to Select, Cascading, Radio and Check Box fields

Certain fields allow you to add a defined list of options that can be ticked or selected. Here's how to set them up;

  1. Select the User field
  2. Click the Options Tab
  3. Add a Code and Name for the option
  4. Click Add Option
  5. Repeat for each option you want to add

Configuring User Field Security

There are 3 types of security you can apply to a user field to control access.

Security TypeDescription
ViewUser can view the user field on the form, but the field is read only.
EditUser can enter information in the user field.
AdminUser can add and remove options in the field from within the form (Only applies to Select, Cascading, Radio and Check Box fields )

To set up security

  1. Select the User field
  2. Click the Security Tab
  3. Using the Contact picker add users, companies or roles in the relevant security type.
  4. Click Update

Doc List User Field

This is a special type of field that can be added to a form to allow the creation of new forms from directly within a section of the form. It also allows you to link to existing forms already linked to the form you are responding to. This field must be added to the List Control in the User Form.

  1. Once it is added a form it shows a special toolbar with ...
  2. Which you can click to access its functionality.

You can restrict what forms are shown in the Create New Document Tab by going into the User Field Configuration Area

Budget Link User Field

Once the Field is added to a form it provides you with a drop down to select the Budgets accessible to you

Once you pick a budget it shows you the budget lines withing that budget

Once you select it and submit the form the Approved budget amount is shown

Bidder Contact List User Field

With this field added to the user form you can search for bidders on your tender database

Coordinate User Field

When this is added to a form it captures the GPS coordinates when one of those forms is created via the mobile App.

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