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To create a Tender package navigate to the Tenders module and click Create Package.


Select Trade

The create package wizard will guide you through the process. The first step is to select the trade for the package. The trades list is from your Tender database. If you have more than one database you can swap to it from here.

Select Bidders

Once you have selected a trade, all bidders that are associated with that trade will display. Here you can select the bidders you want to issue this package to. To select a bidder tick the checkbox next to the bidder.


Now that you’ve selected bidders you can select the Tender Documents you want to include in this package.

Attaching Documents

Document can be selected directly from the Register or uploaded from your desktop. For files on the Register the person creating the package must have access to those files in order to select them for a package.

From June 2019, you can insert Hyper Links on the Attachments tab when creating packages.

Selecting documents

Navigate the Register folders to find the documents you want to include. To add to the package simply tick the checkbox next to the desired documents. To add a whole folder tick the checkbox next to the folder.

Searching for documents

You can also search the Register for documents by clicking on the Search for Documents tab. You can search in the Title or Document Reference or both using keywords. For very large Registers, you can speed up the search by selecting particular folders to search within.

To add to the package simply tick the checkbox next to the desired documents.

Upload from Desktop

For documents that are not on the register you have option to upload files from your desktop. Click Upload then select files you want to attach to the package.

The uploaded files will appear at the top of the Register folders.

Once document have been selected you can move on to adding Package details.

Package Details

The next step in the process to enter details about this package. This includes setting the package name, close date, choosing the main contact, selecting a category and Package description/invitation text.

Package description

The package description contains the text that will describe this package as well instructions for the bidder using iTWOcx Tenders to access documents and submit their bid. You will notice that the Project Description has already been appended in the Package description.

This text will be displayed on the Tender Invitation email and the bidder page. We recommend adding information here so the bidder knows how to submit a valid bid through iTWOcx Tenders.

Once you have added the Package information you are almost done. Last step is the package summary where you will see an overview of the whole package.

Package Summary

The package summary give you an overview of all your selections on the package. If you find you missed anything just go back to the previous steps and make further selections.

Once you are happy with the contents of the package you have the choice to either Issue the package immediately or save the package to be issued later.

Issuing a Saved package

To issue a saved package simply click Issue on the package action buttons.


What happens when a package is issued?

When you issue a package each of the bidders you selected will receive an email. Contained within the email are the Package details and link to their personal bidder page. 

The Bidder's Page

On the bidder page the bidder can access the selected documents, ask and answer questions, withdraw from the package and submit their bid.

Package Information


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