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In iTWOcx you are able to change your Notification Settings at any time.

1) Click New icon (+) on Project Bar, a list will display:

2) Open the Correspondence Document menu.

3) Select the required form from the menu.

4) The new document will display.

5) Type a heading in the Title field.

6) Choose the status of the form.

For further details, refer to Form Status.

7) Address the document to the recipient by using the action button (or type in their name or user id).

8) Add any relevant recipients for information. Repeat the same action as for Step 6 but pressing the [Info] button.

For further details refer to Adding Someone to a Form.

9) Attach any relevant files by clicking UPLOAD MANAGER to drag and drop, or BROWSE LISTS to attach documents.

10) Where User Fields appear on a document, select the appropriate option.

Type the content of your document in the Comment.

11) Click Submit.

If you created the document with a DRAFT status, you can issue it to those addressed by clicking Issue icon at the bottom of the document, or you can Edit it to add more detail then issue once ready, or click QuickCancel to Cancel and Remove this document (Nobody addressed will receive it).

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