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Before you can add Pins on Drawings using the Mobile App you need to configure which Plans are available via the Mobile app.

To do so;

1. Go to Configure > Pin to Plan

Select a Category for your Plans

On this page you will be required to select an User Field that belongs to the Defect Form Type on the Project to categorise the Drawings / Plans you will to this configuration area.

Any Select Field on the Defects Form Type can be used as the field for your categories.

You can optionally add a new field to the Defect Form and use that as the Field for your Categories.

Adding Plans

Once you have selected the field you will be using for your categories you can start adding Plans. Plans are added directly from the Publication Space.

To add a plan Click Add Plans

Select the category of the plan you are going to Add then browse through the Publication Space to add the Plan that you want

Click Done after selecting the plans you want.

Note that currently only single paged PDF files can be added.

You can add Plans to individual categories by Clicking on the Add plans button for each category

Deleting a Plan from the Configuration

To delete a plan you can click on the Bin icon against each row.

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