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From June 2019, you can evaluate bids on a Package using the Bid Evaluation Report.

Begin your Bid Evaluation by Viewing individual bids or choosing the Bid Evaluation Report option once all bidders have responded or withdrawn - or once the closed date passes.

Post-submission actions include Viewing Tenders, running a Tender Interview Checklist, and Shortlisting Bidders.

You cannot Recommend a bid until after the closed date and you cannot Award a bid until you Recommend it.

Bid Evaluation Report

The evaluation report is on the Progress tab of a Package. To view the report, click on the Bid Evaluation Report button.

Price Submissions Comparison

The first screen on the Bid Evaluation Report is the Price Submissions Comparison showing where each Bidder is above or below the anticipated budget pricing.

Comments can be recorded by Estimators. These will be visible to others who can access the report.

Price Submissions Adjustments (Post Contract Changes)

Adjustments sections must be configured before having access to them. Go here to learn about how to configure this section.

When completing an evaluation in the Price Submission page the following items can be added into the Tender Assessment:

Above the line Tender Adjustments (added scope) and below the line:

Trade Reserve.


Trade Contingencies.

To add an Adjustment item click on the Add button and fill in the necessary details for one or more bidders.

Schedule of Rates Comparison

The 2nd tab on the Evaluation Report is the SoR comparison.. You can see the bids that have been sent in including any additional items.

Scope of Works Comparison

The Scope of Works comparison is shown on the next tab of the Evaluation Report. It shows you which items the Bidders agreed to and what items the Bidders disagreed to including the Proposed Changes that have been submitted.

Export to Excel

You can export the report to Excel by clicking on the Excel Report button.

The Bid Evaluation can be exported to Excel and this includes all tabs of the Evaluation. The Excel version Bid Evaluation Report cannot be re-imported at this time.

Evaluations for other form types added to the Bid submission process currently supports comparing between a single user field.

Comparison of fields in a List is not supported. 

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