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When you have completed all necessary clarifications and are satisfied with a bid you may then award this package to the successful bidder. 

To Award a bid

1. Select desired bid.

2. From the actions drop down select Award bid.

3. On the Award bid page confirm that you want Award this bid.

Options when awarding

Besides informing the bidder that they have been successful you can also perform additional actions when awarding.

Adding Bidder to the project 

As part of confirming the awarding of a package you have the option add the bidder to the Project. This saves. 

Issuing the contract set of documents

If you choose to add the successful bidder to the project you can also issue the contract set of documents.

What is the Contract Set?

The contract set of document is the latest set of tender package documents at the time you awarded the package. This includes all addenda issued.

By selecting this option the winning bidder will receive a transmittal containing all of those documents, so that they are able to access those documents once they have logged into the project. To do this just tick the check box next to the option.

Notifying Unsuccessful Bidders

Choose to send unsuccessful bidders an email after you have awarded a package notifying them that they did not win. This option is available at the time of awarding and comes with prepared text that you can edit before sending.

When you confirm the Award the package will be closed and the successful bidder will receive an email informing them. If you have selected any other of the other options they will also be performed at this time.

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