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Bidders can ask you a question from their Bidder page. When they do you will receive a notification to let you know. Clicking on the notification will take you to the Question and Answers tab of the package. 

You will receive notification in Activities and open questions will be in your Hotlist.

You can also see questions in the tender dashboard.

Question and Answers Tab

The Q&A tab contains all questions received from bidders. These are displayed a forum thread where you can see who the question is from and when and also includes your reposes back to the bidder. You can also start threads on this page.

When answering a bidder you can choose to respond to them directly or respond to all bidders. 

Respond directly to bidder

1. In the Received tab, select the question you want to respond to, then click the respond button.

2. In the text box enter your response and when you’re finished, click Submit.

3. The Bidder will receive an email informing them of your response and the question will be moved into the Sent tab.

Respond to all bidders

Occasionally you might receive a question from a bidders that you think is important to clarify to all bidders on the package. 

1. In the Received tab, select the question you want to respond to, then click the Respond All button.

2. You will see 2 text boxes. The upper most box is the original question you were asked. When you reply to all the question will be displayed to all bidders so they know what your response is regarding. This text box is editable so you can sanitise the question before sending.

3. The box underneath is where you can enter your response and when you’re done click submit. All bidders on the package will receive a notification informing them of your response.

In their bidder page the response will have the original question quoted and contain a message to tell them why they are receiving the clarification.

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