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Project administrators are key players in the great delivery of a project in iTWOcx.

What can a Project admin do?

Learn what a project administrator is and how they are responsible for running the project in iTWOcx.

Project Set Up guide

Step by step guide for setting up a new project.

Manage your Project settings

Set or edit project configuration such as Project details, Administrators, access to modules and more.

Manage Users and Companies

Create new users, companies and roles and set rules for who can talk to whom.

Using Project Utilities

Only Utility and Project Administrators have access to this facility.  Import contacts, correspondence, publication space, tenders and contracts as well as send emails to users.

iTWO cx User Groups

Learn about how to define groups

Using Configuration Utilities

Only Project Administrators have access to this facility.  Push user management, dashboards, form management, saved searches and form workflows.

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