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Quality Management is an important part of delivering a successful project.

With this in mind, the iTWOcx Quality module has been developed to assist with managing project quality requirements in logical segments (LOTs), each with its own tracking and checking tools. 

Any Project, Asset, Zone or other division of work can be separated into LOTs.

The ITP forms the basis of the iTWOcx Quality Module.  All tasks specified on the project Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) are created with a relationship to a particular Lot to ensure complete reporting and closeout.  This allows both client and contractor to control each aspect of the Quality Management process in a structured, standardised way.

Action points such as Inspection Records, Witness or Hold Points are then assigned to tasks requiring inspection for that particular LOT of work.

Action Points, which result in a failed inspection, may require the creation of a Non-Conformance to ensure the failure is resolved in accordance with appropriate Quality Standards.

The following diagram represents the process for those involved in the management and implementation of Quality Management.


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