20.11 is our final major platform update of 2020, and the Product Team are excited to announce a long list of improvements and new options for iTWO cx users.

This version is headlined by new custom dashboard options that allow for more detail to be added, as well as expanded QR code support that builds on our previous release for greater workflow efficiency.

These are just a few of the many enhancements featured in our 20.11 release. 

The 20.11 release of iTWO cx will begin automatically rolling out across projects as of November 25, 2020. All new features and functionalities on offer are explored below.


Allow Project Admins to save/edit statistics report

From this release Project Admins will be able to save and edit statistics reports. This will enable you, admins, to customize the reports to the needs of their projects and provide the required information to the users on the project.

Saving the Statistics Report

  1. To save the Statistics Report, you will need to load a form list first.
  2. From here click on the Statistics button on the toolbar to load up the Statistics report
  3. Click on the cog icon then click on save.
  4. Save the report to the desired location. 

Edit the layout

To edit the layout, you can drag and drop different charts to the position you desire

There are also various other options in the menu to help you customize the report

Automatically select projects for admins when retiring users

When retiring a user and selecting the "Retire from all project where the I am an Admin" option, the system will now automatically select all the projects the user is an admin as default so no selection needs to be done for the "Select Project(s)" field. 

Configurable weekends for projects

We've introduced a new configuration option at a project level where you can customize and define which days are the working days within a week.

This option can be located under Configure > Project details

 You can to define the work start and end date by picking a week start day and week end day

The days outside of this will be considered the weekend

These weekend days are what will be considered in the due date configuration for the weekend. 

For eg
Mon-Fri, means Sat-Sun are weekend
Mon-Sat, means Sun is the only weekend
Sun-Thu, means the weekend is Fri-Sat and so on

Added a link to "Open in iTWOcx" for Preview Emails

Preview emails will now include a button called "Open in iTWO cx"

When clicked (if the user is not logged in) it will ask you to provide your login details and once you have logged in, the form will be shown on the right-hand side. 

If the user is logged in the  form will be displayed on the right-hand frame directly

Log history for Action Buttons

Changes to Action buttons are now logged and can be viewed via the history button on the action button.

Log history for Correspondence Workflows

Changes to Correspondence workflows are now logged and can be viewed via the history button

Log history for groups

Changes to User Groups are now logged and can be viewed via the history button.

Log history for Module Admins

Changes to Module Administrators are now logged and can be viewed via the history button.

Log history for Module Matrix

Changes to the Module Matrix are now logged and can be viewed via the history button.

Log history for Rules, List, WF

Changes to the distribution rules, lists, and workflows (adding, deleting, editing) are now logged and can be viewed via the history button.

Changes made to individual rules, lists, and workflows can be viewed by clicking on the history button for each of those items.

Log Who-to-whom matrix changes

Changes to the who-to-whom are now logged and can be viewed via the history button.

Added Project Name to the Multi-Project Summary

The Multi-project summary table now shows the project name to help you identify projects more easily

Project Admins can now edit reference numbers

When ticking "Company Admins" Project Admins and Company Correspondence Admins can now change the reference number.

Bulk Update Status (Cross-Project) via a Saved Search

The status of forms can now be updated across projects via the saved search bulk status update utility.

To do so, create a saved search with results from multiple projects

Then pick the documents you wish to update and pick the status you wish to change it to

Status Action Buttons - change addressing without mapping fields

You can now configure status action buttons to directly change addressing without requiring a mapping field

To enable this we've added two new options:

  1. Custom - When picked you can configure a group, a user, multiple users
  2. Contact User Field - With this option you can change the addressing based on a Contact Userfield on the form

Configuring Custom

  1. Select Custom in the post Actions area
  2. Pick the users

Configuring User Field

  1. Select Contact userfield in the post Actions area
  2. Pick the contact user field you wish to use.

Status Action Buttons - Allow for "between" values for Contracts Admin criteria

Staying with action buttons, we have also added support for configuring "in-between" values for Contracts Admin forms.

In between values allow you to configure for example

An amount between two values eg: 25,000 < Amount < 50,000

This has been implemented by enabling the user to select the same criteria twice when configuring the pre conditions

This is supported for all CA fields

Related user field - Additional criteria for Associating forms

  1. The related user field now gives you access to additional criteria when searching for forms to associate with the row.

To access additional criteria;

  1. Click on the Menu icon
  2. This will open the Associate search window. Giving you access to the full set of criteria for searching. 
  3. Once you perform your search. Add the results you require, and click save
  4. This will add these documents to the Linked Related Document area. From here select the ones you wish to associate with the row

Report on Distribution Rules, Lists & Groups

A report has been added that can be run against Rules, Lists and Groups to report on all the settings within each of those elements

For Rules and Lists, a row per user will be added based on who has been added to Action or Info , along with the settings configured for each of those users.

Here is a sample of that report

Added Applicability property for user groups

User Groups now have an Applicability property. This can be used to configure which users on the project are able to address a particular group or use it in security settings contexts.

Users without applicability rights will not see the group in;

  • Addressing
  • On the contact picker (old and the auto-fill)

Updated API

The API has been updated for the 20.11 release. Please go here for further details

Publication Space

"Created by" field for Placeholders

When a placeholder is created, a new field has been added to display who created it

All companies option in contact picker

When creating Auto Field Matching patters, you can now apply it to All companies now with the new All companies option

Disable notifications during distribution

Disable all notification when distributing documents by clicking on the new disable button.

You can disable notifications for a single user or all users

Click on the notification settings button

Then tick the disable notification tickbox for 1 or more users as required

Configure Author rights for Distributing documents

In this release, we have introduced a new configuration setting that allows you to control which users can Distribute Documents.

The setting can be found under Publication Space > Settings > Transmittals

When a user/group/company are configured only those users will be able to distribute documents.  The distribute button will be hidden for these users.

Hid buttons from DTX and TX  when the project is in Set Up Phase

When a project is still in the setup phase, the  Associate, Split and Respond will now be hidden

History for Retired Folders

When a folder is retired a history entry will not be added in the PS settings > History page

Reports under the Reports section will also include retired folders.

Markup tools - Stamps

You can now add a custom Stamp to a document via a Stamp.

The configuration can be found under Publication Space > Settings > Transmittals

Creating a Stamp

To add a new stamp click on Add stamp

  1. Give it a name
  2. Configure who has access to the Stamp
  3. And pick a color.
  4. Then click Save.
  5. You can view a preview of what your Stamp will look like, by hovering over the preview button

Adding a Stamp to the document

You can add a stamp to a document by going opening a document from the Publication Space or by marking it up during a workflow.

  1. Once you are on the markup toolbar
  2. Click on the Stamp icon in the toolbar
  3. Then pick the stamp you wish to add to the document and click and drag your mouse to add it in the desired size.
  4. Then click Save

Searching on Version sets

With this release, you will be able to search on version sets.

You can search on version sets at 2 levels

  1. Across all version sets
  2. And within version sets

To search across all version sets, click on Version sets in the menu

On the main screen where all version sets are displayed, used the suggested search or the advanced search to filter the version sets based on your criteria

To search inside a version set, open the required version set and add your criteria

Pin to Plan - Associate existing forms

You will now be able to add a pin to plan and link existing forms to that pin. This can be done one at a time or in bulk.

  1. To link/associate existing forms , open a document and add a pin
  2. On the pop up screen select the Associate option
  3. On the associate screen, search for the forms you wish to associate to the pin and click search
  4. Then add the forms and click Save
  5. A pin will be added to the document for each of the you selected.
  6. You can move the pins to the relevant location by clicking on move and them moving the pins.
  7. Click the tick icon to save your changes

Printing PS Workflow Config

A button has been added to the Workflow configuration page so that you may print the configuration.

Here is an example of the output

Scanning a QR code to view Documents

QR codes can now be used to access drawings.

To scan a QR code to access a drawing, you need to first add a QR code to the document.

Adding a QR code to a drawing

  1. Go to the mark up tools
  2. Click and add the QR code to the drawing
  3. Click Save

The QR code is added to a specific document revision. When scanning the QR Code via the mobile app, the user will be able to view the revision or get access to the latest revision of the document if he has access to it.

Printing a QR code

To print a QR code on a drawing;

  1. Open the drawing with a QR code
  2. Click on the Print revisions button
  3. Include the QR code when printing and click Download

Scanning a QR code to view a drawing

  1. Open the iTWO cx Mobile app and login
  2. Once you have logged in click on the Scan icon
  3. Scan the QR code

The app will check if the revision you have scanned is the latest you can access or whether there are newer revisions of the drawing that you have access to.

If there are newer revisions the app will allow you do download that revision to the app

Interface enhancements to Workflow Progress

We made some user interface changes to the Workflow screen to better indicate at what stage a workflow is.

Steps that are completed are shown with a Green tick as shown below.

Adding restricted users to Permissions

Restricted users can now be added to permissions within the Publication Space

Generating a link to a specific page

You can now generate a link to a specific page of a document by opening the document and click on the link icon. 

With this addition you can generate links to

  • The document
  • The revision of a document
  • A page on a document

Tickbox on Upload page to "Show validated files"

A new tickbox has been added to show or hide validated files. Validated files are files where all required fields have been fill in.

This will save you time when uploading documents to quickly identify which documents still require data to be filled in 

Optionally hide a folder from users

The standard security model of the Publication Space has always been that a user is able to view a folder if

a) they have folder permissions

b) if they do not have folder permissions but have had documents within that folder distributed to them

With this release we providing Admins with further flexibility on which folders a user can view on the Publication Space.

We've added a tickbox at the folder level called  "Allow users to see this folder when they are distributed documents within it.  By default this will be ticked. 

The setting can be found under the Permissions tab of a folder

However, with this unticked, any user who does not have a folder level security permission cannot see it.  

Those users will not be able to see this folder even though documents within that folder have been distributed to them.  

The folder will be hidden to them when

  • Browsing
  • Searching

The user will only be able to see those documents via the DTX. This will apply to existing distributions as well. 

If you added Can See/Upload/Folder Admin rights they will see the folder. 


Adding more user fields to the list layout

Support for adding more user fields to List

Included in this release is the ability to customize the List on a dashboard even further. Now you can add up to 15 user fields to the list view.

You can also add up to 3 rows of meta-data, along with the ability to expand a field that spreads across multiple columns.

Go to the list layout configuration page

  1. To add a new user field click on the Add button
  2. When adding a user field you can add a field that spans 1 column or 2
  3. To add a field click on one of the buttons shown above and then select the user field as required

Adding a new row

To add a new row click on the Add row button

From here you can add more user fields as required

Deleting a field

To Delete a field click on the X

Deleting a row

To Delete a row click on the red X

Expand/Collapse field

You can also expand a single field to span across multiple columns by clicking on the expand column 

Map View

We've added a Map view tab to our dashboards. Now you can view your forms as pins on a map. 

You will need to add the Coordinate user field to your form and capture the GPS information using our mobile app to record the GPS information for forms.

To access the Map View

Go to the Dashboard

Open a List

Click on the Map tab

You can click on a pin to get a summary of the form and then click on the View button to view the form


Create a Tender Database Manually

  1. You can create a database manually by going to the Tender Project Settings
  2. Click on the Manage Tender Databases button
  3. Click on Create New Database
  4. Give the database a name
  5. After that click on the Manage button to add users to the database

Retire Tender Database

You can now also retire a Tender Database

Go to the manage database screen as shown above

Then click on Retire

To Retire a Tender Database you must be configured as a Tender Admin for that Database.

Changes to Configuring Access for Managing a Tender Database

If you are configured as a Project Level Tender Admin you will be able to access the new Manage Database screen shown above.

This page lists all tender databases linked to the Global Company configured against Tender Settings.

From here you can define a list of Global users against each database

  • Only users in that list will be able to manage that tender database.

If the list of users is blank, all users can access it.

On this Admin  screen you can add new users as Admins for this Database. To do so click on Add new record

Find the user you wish to add and select the user

Change an Accepted Bid to another status

Previously when a bid was accepted, it could no longer be changed to another status. In this release, we have relaxed this restriction.

Now you can change an Accepted Bid to another status

To do so, pick the Undo Accepted Bid option and accept the changes

Allow superseding OR deleting external attachments issued through an addendum 

Now, when issuing addenda, you will be able to remove and/or supersede attachments on a package.

Please note only attachments can be superseded. Publication Space documents picked for a package cannot be superseded when issuing an addenda. To supersede a document in the Publication Space, you must upload a new revision to the Publication Space.

Removing a document or an attachment on a package;

  1. Click on Issue Addenda
  2. Untick the attachments or documents you wish to exclude in the new addenda.
  3. Issue the addenda

Supersede an attachment

On the Issue Addenda page

  1. Upload the attachments you wish to supersede
These files need to contain the same file name and extension in order to supersede the existing attachment

Please note only attachments can be superseded. Publication Space documents picked for a package cannot be superseded when issuing an addenda. To supersede a document in the Publication Space, you must upload a new revision to the Publication Space.

  1. The addenda page will show you which attachments have been superseded.
  2. From here you can issue the addenda

The Documents tab of the package will record and reflect these changes you have been through removal or superseding attachments as shown below

A red X icon will be shown against all documents that were superseded or removed.


Added history for forms created via in-line split from a Document list user field

When you split from a document list user field, the form history will now record which row in the table you split from

Handover Report Summary

We’ve added a new Summary report when generating a handover report, so that you may easily identify what forms are going to be included in the report – PRIOR – to downloading it. The report content and data will update based on the selections you make.

Contracts Administration

Allow Multiple Contracts per budget line

Against a budget, we have added a configuration option "Allow multiple contracts per budget line"

When checked, this will allow multiple Contract's to be raised against each budget line within budgets of that type.

Contracts can be of different types against each budget line.

    1. CTR: Contract
    2. PO: Purchase Order

The logic for checking if there is a claim against a budget line has been changed to if there is a budget against a contract

Creating a claim, only includes items from the related contract and its variations.

Budget line item calculations will reflect all contracts and related items linked to the budget line.

Here is an example where Multiple Contracts have been linked to the same budget line


The latest version of the Mobile includes a number of great new features. Here is a breakdown of the highlights

Freehand markup

We’ve added a freehand mark up tool to the list of tools available on the mobile app. This should enhance your experience of marking up photos taken in the field.

My docs

The app now also includes easy access to forms you have created which are still outstanding under the “My Docs” tab. The information shown here will be the same as the information on the My Docs tab in  your hotlist when logged into iTWO cx via the browser

Associate forms

With this release of the app you can also associate forms to another form.

  1. To do so open a form
  2. Go to the related tab
  3. Click on the Associate button

On the Association pop up, you can search for forms on the Criteria Tab or

Access the 5 more recent forms you have created in the Recent tab

Select the forms you wish to Associate and click on Associate.

You can remove Associated forms by selecting the forms you wish to remove and then tapping on Remove

Add /Move / Delete rows from a List

You can now add/edit or delete rows from the list when using the mobile app.

Add a row

To add a row, click on the List Tools button

Select Add row

This will add a row the list which you can edit

Move a row

To Move a row click on the List Tools button

Select Move

Then select and drag the rows to move the rows as required

Delete a row

To Move a row click on the List Tools button

Select Delete

Pick one or more rows to delete.

Click on Delete

View Documents via a QR code

As mentioned in the Publication Space section of the release notes, you can now open/view drawings by scanning a QR code on the mobile app

Click here to learn about how to create a QR code INSERT LINK HERE

After logging into the app, click on the Scan button

Scan the QR code

This will then pop up a screen to give you information regarding the revision you have just scanned.  It will also provide you information regarding whether the revision you scanned is the latest of if there are newer revisions you have access to.

Depending on the circumstance you will be able to directly open the revision or

Download the latest revision and then open that revision.

Support for Dark Mode

The latest app now support Dark Mode for both iOS and Android

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